Frequently Asked Questions

What customizations do you provide with the Gold Package?

Custom Q&A Conversation Includes:

  • CloudMinds will provide a Q&A Spreadsheet to be filled out by customers with up to 15 Questions and answers set. When a question is asked to the Robot, it will respond with the corresponding answers.
  • The Q&A must meet our Safe Community Guidelines
  • The completed Q&A sheet must be submitted to CloudMinds at least 7 days prior to the Rental Period.

Custom Branding

  • Customer to provide a logo file (jpeg or png) that will be displayed on the robot’s RCU Unit display while the robot is interacting
  • The file must be in jpeg or png format
  • The optimal size is 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution
  • The final must be submitted to CloudMinds at least 7 days prior to the rental period
What customizations do you provide specifically for the Platinum Package?

Multiple Event Sites

  • Allows the customer to deploy the Robot at multiple locations within a site during the Rental Period. A site is defined as locations where the Robot could be moved without requiring repackaging (locations inside same building or adjacent buildings).
  • Customer must complete appropriate Site Survey for each location during the initial consultation.
  • The Handler will move the Robot between locations during the Rental Period as requested by customer.

Custom Dialogue Lines with Rehearsal

  • CloudMinds will provide a dialogue lines spreadsheet to be filled out by customer with up to 15 lines of response and answer sets. When a customer line is asked to the Robot, it will respond with the corresponding line.
  • The dialogue lines must meet guidelines (length and acceptable language as noted in the guidelines section)
  • The completed dialogue lines sheet must be provided to CloudMinds at least 7 days prior to the Rental Period.
  • The rehearsal will take place during the setup period as defined above after proper operation of the Robot has been confirmed. The Handler will work with the customer to run through the Dialogue with the customer voicing their lines, and the Robot speaking.
How will the robot be shipped?
  • CloudMinds will arrange shipment of the Robot to arrive no later than the day prior to the Rental Period. The Robot will arrive within a 3 day delivery window upon shipping. CloudMinds will arrange for the Robot to be picked up at the customer site the weekday immediately following the completion Rental Period.
  • All shipping is via commercial truck carrier to the address provided by the customer.
  • Customer will provide a contact (name, phone number, email) to CloudMinds for coordination with shipping carrier for local receiving/shipping coordination.
  • Customer is responsible to allow access to their facility for the truck carrier to deliver and pick-up the Robot.
  • The Robot will be shipped in a single case (with wheels) weighing approximately 160 lbs with the following dimensions: 58” x 25” x 30”.
What is a remote site survey?

A Remote Site Survey is:

  • A robot rental agent will discuss event site requirements with the customer
  • He/She will define the necessary requirements on site (Wifi connectivity, space, accessibility)
  • Customer must agree to support the necessary requirements in writing

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